Kamil “Kamisado”
He lives in USA for 7 years and drives a truck for 4 years.

Over a year ago he thought about streaming his journeys, but because of small quantity of viewers he resigned from this. Few days ago he tried again, this time you can call it a success. In best moments the number of viewers reached 400, now it’s more like stagnation. In the time when the driver is sleeping people are chatting about everything and nothing.

What can be said about our driver? He’s not the shy type for sure, because it takes a lot of guts to stream to the whole wide world 24/7 and show people how you work and live on the road. He’s a very cheerful person with a lot of positive energy which also gets into the viewers. It must be mentioned also that he has ADHD :D because even behind the wheel he can’t sit peacefully, especially when he hears good music, he starts to wriggle and sing.

In his spare time he devotes himself to paragliding, skiing, meeting friends and of course to dance, which is one of his passions.

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